These are supplements referenced in the book’s Appendix: Supplements:

On Java 8 Example Code

See here for the example code.

Thinking in C: Foundations for Java

Thinking in C is a free download. This presentation, created by Chuck Allison and developed by MindView LLC, is an eSeminar which gives you an introduction to the C syntax, operators and functions that Java syntax is based upon.

Hands-On Java eSeminar

The Hands-On Java eSeminar is based on the 2nd edition of Thinking in Java. There is an audio lecture and slides corresponding to every chapter in that book. I created the seminar and I narrate the material on the eSeminar. The eSeminar uses HTML5, so it should run on most modern browsers. There are trial demos of the product. The Hands-On Java eSeminar is for sale Here.