Initiating a Translation

Contract should include translation agreements for: - Print Book - Ebook - Translation of AtomicKotlin EDU exercises and solutions

When there are competing publishers, I will relay the current offer to all publishers, including both the advance and the royalties. The decision will be made based on the combination of the two, but with a strong weight towards the advance.


The advance represents your expectations of the book’s sales. A low advance indicates you don’t think the book will do that well in your country.

The advance also represents your commitment to promoting and selling the book. A low advance indicates that you are not willing to take that risk.

Some publishers want to connect a higher advance to lower royalties. I do not consider the two to be connected.

Please understand that my goal in negotiating a high advance is the ability it gives me to finance future projects. Also it’s much simpler for me to focus on advances.


Different countries calculate royalties differently. Please be clear on whether your royalty percentage represents the wholesale or retail price of the book. Put another way, does the royalty represent a percentage of the cover price (retail) or is it a percentage of the price paid to the publisher by the distributor or bookseller (wholesale)?

Translation Sources

Github Markdown for Leanpub

Cover Artwork

  • Reusability
  • Artwork with words, can just replace the words
  • Artwork only

Status of Translations

  • Chinese: Active interest from several publishers
  • Russian: Active interest from at least one publisher